Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pessimist / Optimist

Pessimist : It can't get any worse than this...
Optimist : Oh yes it can!

See, being an optimist in every situation dosen't help...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Why Wasn't I Posting

Now, you all [which all?] must be wondering why was I not posting?
The reason is that the condition of power supply is worse that worst, but now, it has improved a bit so here I am, posting.
Well... now I have to go and bury my nose in Mathematics.
Matrices, here I come!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Desk

My new desk. Check it out by clicking on it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Broadband Bandwidth

I have a Dataone Broad-Band connection having a Home-250 plan. It means that I pay Rs. 250 per-month and in return I get 256 kbps speed and just 400 MB of download limit. Now, that limit is too less I have passed that limit on 11th April. And also there are no free downloads within a specified time limit, aka, Happy Hours. I want to change my connection to that of another ISP, i.e. AirTel, but unfortunately, it is not available in my city. I dont have anything else to do on computer. I had Need For Speed Most Wanted to play, but I somehow corrupted my save game file and will have to start again.
And I am not at all happy with these things.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

First Snow Fall Of The Season

Now you must be thinking, snow fall of this season and if you just looked at my profile for a split-second, your thinking may deepen because I live in Northern Hemisphere.
Well, this is not exactly snow, but it is cotton falling from a cotton tree in my house. It looks kind of cool sometimes. I will be post a photo at the earliest.

My First Computer Class

Ok. Now, I am back from my first computer class. I have to say, our teacher teaches us in a very good manner. He makes us understand what he teaches.
He was teaching us the basics of OOP [Object Oriented Programming], i.e. :
1) Encapsulation
2)Data Abstraction
4)Polymorphism, etc.
I was back at 7:30 am.

Our Life, Speedy And Dangerous

Ever sat in the back of a car which was moving ahead with a nice speed and the driver suddenly braked? I think you may have.
Its a kind of way, we sometimes follow. We realise, we aren't going fast enough. We floor our accelerator, move ahead with full speed. We, sometimes dont see some warning signs, and hit a barrier and become flat. All our hopes shatter as the glass does from a car which rammed into a wall face - first.
What we ought to do is, even if we move with speed, to move ahead in life cautiously, carefully.

This is just a hunch I had when I read an artcle in which a man didnt when his driver suddenly stopped his car and his tea spilled over him.

Computer Classes From Tommorow

From tommorow onwards, I am joining computer classes.
They will start from 6:00 am and will continue till 7:00 am.
Wow! Will have to get up at 5:00 am.

My Photoshop Images

These are different images I created in Photoshop Elements :

Tutorial I
Tutorial II

Am I Cursed Or What?

Am I cursed or what?

I have, at many times, been um..... cursed, I may say.

Different incidences have happened in my past that I am not really blessed when it comes to certain things.

Take, for example, my bike. Bycycle that is. I [well... my father actually] purchased it.
I really liked it. And then, after a few months, it got stolen right from front of my house.
Well, it could have half been my mistake because I heard the opening of the door. It was around 10:00 pm. I was watching a movie with the rest of my family, so I didn't get up and check on it.

Another example is, my mobile. I bought a new mobile. I, like my bike, liked it very much. It had all the features which, at that time were quiet good. I left it on my table on a day, as I had to go to school and we were not allowed to bring cellphones there. When I came home that evening, it was gone. Yes, gone, stolen.

I haven't figured out till date who had stolen it, but it was probably our maid.

All I can do is hope, I will not remain cursed in my future.

A Bad Experience

I made linux cd's from the .iso files given with a tech magazine. I wanted to install it and experince it once as I had never worked on Linux. It was Linux Mandrake 10. There were in total 3 cd's.
I installed Linux on a new partition which I had cleaned. Please take note that the PC was quiet old. After the installation, when I booted into Linux, it came into a DOS-like command prompt. I tried all sorts of commands but could not get Linux GUI.
I knew I messed up, so, I was thinking of formatting my Linux partition. Just then, Windows went berserk. I would stop working in mid-way, many applications wont work. I knew I could rectify the problem but my Mother won't let me. So, I had to call the computer vendor who had sold us the computer.
He made everything ok. And since then, I haven't tried Linux.

My School Has Started

My school has started after the ending of my exams of 9th grade.
Now, I am in the 10th grade.
Looks like I will have to study real hard in 10th if I am to perform well. Let's hope I do.

M y Personal Log

Here is some info. about me :
  1. Name – Pickster Cool.
  2. Height – 5’ 11-12” [growing]
  3. Age – 14
  4. DOB – 04 – 07 – 1991
  5. Hair – Black
  6. Location – Varanasi, India
  7. Freak of – gadgets, mobiles, computers, computer games, drawing, painting, etc.
  8. Standard – Currently in 10th.
Thats All Folks!

Here I will be posting things related to me and not like my other blog which is here : http://pickster.blogspot.com